Always-on video rooms for your Slack channels

Screenshot of a Jackfruit room.
For meetings, stand-ups, pairing and one-on-ones. Or just to hang out while you work.
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Tap on someone to bring them into the room

No more copy-and-pasting video conferencing links every time. They get an instant notification in Slack.

No account needed.
Sign in with Slack.

Everyone on your team signs in with their Slack account. No signup required.

One-tap screen sharing with your team

Great for iterating on designs, editing documents or pair programming.

All of your rooms and team members at a glance

See who is on video right now and quickly join them.

Set daily or weekly team reminders

We'll post a reminder in your channel. Great for stand-ups, check-ins and other recurring meetings.

Type /jackfruit and everyone gets the link again

No need to generate a link every time you want to have a meeting.
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Compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
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Try it for free. No download required.