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Two apps in one

Video conferencing and webinars. All in one tool.

Create always-on video rooms for your remote team and link them to Slack. Host webinars for up to 1500 participants.

No registration needed. Just share the link.

Anyone can click the link to join your video call. You don't need to sign up for an account.
No registration needed. Just share the link in Jackfruit

One-tap screen sharing with anyone

Great for iterating on designs, editing documents or pair programming.

Customize a room with your company brand

Upload your company logo and show off your brand to customers when they join your calls.

Webinars for up to 1500 participants

Participants can sign up by email. They'll receive a reminder email before the webinar starts.
Tightly integrated with Slack

Link your room to a Slack channel

Add the Jackfruit bot to your Slack channels and instantly get a shareable link.

See a notification whenever someone joins the room.

Quickly get the room link again


Turbocharge your remote meetings. Cancel at any time.
per month
3 participants
3 rooms
1-hour limit
Room chat
Host webinars
Slack integration
per month
10 participants
10 rooms
6-hour limit
Slack integration
per month
20 participants
20 rooms
12-hour limit
Room locking
Slack video/audio messaging
per month
30 participants
Unlimited rooms
No time limits
White labeling
Vanity URL

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